For those specialty products where a stock bottle or jar is just … too plain.

How do you ensure customers pick up your product from the shelf amongst hundreds of others? The customer may be in a hurry, tired, annoyed… It is not surprising that not the content, but first the packaging grabs their notoriously short attention span.

Whether you are looking for a specific design, or just have a general idea, together we can arrive at a solution for you. We facilitate your need for differentiation from design to finished packaging product. 

Our design team is dedicated to make this happen. We listen to your ideas, get a good understanding of your customers and assist in finding the best solution for you. A solution that will make your brand robust and unique. A solution that will make you stand out of the crowd. 

Precision programming and 3D prototyping are used to visualise the journey of arriving at a design that is not just unique, but practical and economical as well.

Our toolmakers employ stringent quality assurance systems and have consistently delivered exceptional results since the company opened its doors in 2001.