Food Grade PET Bottles

Bottles specifically for food grade applications made from Australian Virgin PET material

Chemical PET Bottles

Certified for Dangerous Goods and other chemical applications

PET Jars

Our 63mm PET Jars are great for many uses including food and chemicals

Welcome to IC-Plastica, the home of quality, affordable hand made PET plastic bottles and Jars Since 2004.

Australian family owned and made in Australia (Hornsby, NSW) with affordable shipping options to Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Tooling and design from just $2500

Using Glass due to the environmental benefits? Just keep these facts about glass in mind:

  • Most glass ends up in landfill and takes longer to decompose
  • Sourcing it disrupts the ecosystem (Riverbeds and shorelines)
  • Glass creates more emissions to transport and recycle
  • Most glass containers are not 're-used'

That's why we create strong quality plastic containers that last longer and we enourage recycling. Fact source.